How does a reader mark the page of their current reading material? 

- use an old receipt? okay, a good way of recycling paper - you score brownie points for that.

- fold in the dust cover? i suppose this is acceptable...

- fold over the corner of the page? sacrilege! pray for forgiveness from the book Gods! 

I bet you've all done one or more of these options! I am guilty of all of the above - please forgive me fellow book worms. Fun fact - book worms are a real thing, though they aren't actually worms which I'm sure most of you are pleased to hear.

I felt it was about time that there should be a more permanent and personalised way to mark the page of your current read and from this Apollo Creative bookmarks was born.

I've always had a room full of craft materials and a million Pinterest pages open which have inspired a myriad of half finished projects but Apollo Creative bookmarks has evolved as it's a product that isn't just pretty, it's also holds a function.


Over the past two years since I started making them, I've had a number of really special bespoke requests. Here is a review sent by Rachel who had two designs made for her for family Christmas presents.